** WE HAVE SUBMITTED A FIX TO THE 4.0 CRASH ISSUE UPON SAVING OF A MEAL. SHOULD BE FIXED VERY SOON - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, AND VERY SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE IT HAS CAUSED! **Reviews - "Honorable Mention II: Meal planning and fitness go hand-in-hand; if you have all your meals for the week planned out in advance, you're more likely to stick to the caloric budget you've laid out for yourself. Plus, you're eliminating the stress of having to scrounge together a healthy meal for dinner off-the-cuff--and you're less likely to order out at the last minute (it's extremely difficult to accurately estimate the calories and nutrients in restaurant food). And did I mention you're probably saving money to boot? MiMeals includes meal planning, recipe storage, and a tickable grocery list feature in order to make it all easier for you" - CNET Top 5 Fitness Apps 08/06/2009"...you really cant go wrong and with such nice people behind the app, this one is truly a no brainer." - ColorMePink.com 07/29/2009 ----Description - Creating a meal plan for your week is now as simple and easy as a few taps on your iPhone! MiMeals is a simple meal-storage application that allows you to plan and store meals for the entire week, separated by day. All fields, including the dates, are save-able and optional. In addition to being a simple meal planner, this application has a place to store all your "quick-reference" top favorite meals for preparation or dining out! As an added bonus to meal planning and top-favorite list, there is a Grocery List page for reference on your trip to the grocery store! Whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan, this app does what you need with regards to meal planning!Features - - All days of the week available for selection, with optional date inputs - Storage of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, separated by day of the week.- Easily add FROM and TO favorite meals list - Embedded Grocery List with inputs available for storage, along with a purchased checkmark and clearing mechanisms- Store your top favorite meals for dining and quickly add them to (or from) your meal plan! - Send recipe ingredients directly from meals to the grocery list- Visually appealing and colorful to make the meal planning experience a pleasant oneCOMING SOON:- Auto-sorting of meals by date- Auto-sorting of favs and groceries by alphabetical- Emailing ability for grocery list- Emailing ability for favorites/meals- Grocery List made editable- More categories for meals, like side dishes, starters, etcBrought to you by www.vurgoodapps.com!
File Size1.95 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required