FIND YOUR BALINCEHow steady are you? How responsive? How cooperative? For the first time, these intangibles can be measured through an application. Download Balince today and find out just how balinced you are. Check out the screenshots to learn more!What is Balince?Pronounciation: \ba-lin(t)s\Balince measures steadiness and responsiveness while promoting relaxation and teamwork. Play alone to test your steady hand, or with another person to see how cooperative you are. Balince is part stress reliever, part addictive fun, part team builder and part icebreaker. balince.comTrack your progress on Add your Balince Web ID today to see how your balincing skills, and those of your friends, grow over time. For help and more information please visit How to balince?Hold the ends of the iPhone/iPod touch with your fingers (by yourself or with another person) and touch the screen to begin. As you move your device up and down, left and right, a balince bubble will glide across the screen. Move the bubble between the two black lines, which will start to glow as you come into balince. Hold the bubble there as long as possible, as your score is based on your time to balince and your time in balince. How to measure?Responsiveness is measured by the time it takes to get bubbles to their balince: Time to Balince. Steadiness is measured by how long you can keep the bubbles in their balince: Time in Balince. The faster you can get to balince and the longer you can keep the bubbles there, the better your score will be. There are Balince meters on each side, which display the microscopic movements present in all three directions, even after getting into balince. The quicker the balince meter turns red, the more off balince you are. The exact score for any session can be seen by touching the session number at the bottom of the graph. If you play more than once in a session between saving your scores, then the score is averaged over all the plays in the session. The history of scores for each pair of players is shown as a step-graph on selecting a particular pair. Tips Pay attention to your breathing Focus on lowering your time to balince before raising your time in balince Dont try to move too quickly Keep trying, but dont force it! Relax and play regularly and youll get betterFeatures 1 or 2 players at a time, track your compatibility with friends, family, coworkers or romantic partners Choose your preferred visual theme 6 unique levels which scale up in difficulty Background music and glowing visuals let you know when youve found your balince Track your progress at©2009 All rights reserved. Patent Pending. Lotus Interworks Inc.
File Size1.24 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required