This program helps you keep track of all those meds you have to take. You can set alarms for the next dosage and also transfer refill dates to your calendar program. Dosage times can be calculated by every number of hours and also by times per day. Great for nursing home care workers and others who care for the elderly or the sick. Update Description Initial Release 1.0 (3/27/05) - Filter records by "Next Dosage" and "Refill Info" according to user Export user records to a Palm doc file by individual user Export Refill info to calendar application Set Alarm for next dosage Scrolling Table (Horizontally & Vertically) Purging feature (purges meds you don't use anymore) User changeable Table Row Color Shows records created Compatible with extended screens (landscape or portrait forms) Hi resolution compatible Palm OS 3.5-6 compatible Important Info. When you take medication that is labeled "Take 3 pills 3 times a day", you need to make sure you check the "Times" and "Daily" boxes so that the next dosage is calculated accurately. It is assumed that the three dosages will be taken in a 16 hour period since that is when you are mainly "awake". When the label reads "take 2 TBsp every 4 hours" then make sure you check the "Every" and "Hours" boxes so that the next dosage is accurately calculated. The Alarm for the next dosage will ring at the set time and date, but due to limitations of the program it cannot bring up the form for the medication that was set. Just check the table for the medication that is currently due for taking when you hear the alarm.
Price USD10.95
License Free to try
File Size 156.89 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements 175kB free RAM