Islet allows recording of blood glucose readings, carbohydrate intake, insulin injections, and exercise, as well as email export. Enter Blood Glucose Data, Insulin Injection Data (with choice of 6 pre-programmed insulin types), Carb Intake Data, and Exercise Data (level of exertion and duration). Data entry screens automatically populate the current date and time, though these fields are editable. View and edit all database entries, navigate by month or show all entries. Filter the data entries you want to review by type, time, and/or value (i.e. view only Glucose entries above 150 mg/dl that occurred before 10 AM). Export data entries via email. Fields are comma-delimited to allow easy import to Excel or similar programs. Choose which type of data entries to email, and email either all entries, or all entries since the last email.Version 2.2.1 fixed a bug where insulin value was not exporting correctly via email.
File Size781.25 kB
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x Mobile
System RequirementsRequires iPhone 2.1 software update