Menstrual Cycle Calendar and Due-Day Calculator - know your most fertile days

Cycle Calculator is a menstrual cycle calendar for Pocket PC. The software indicates days with increased probability of getting pregnant, makes predictions of upcoming dates and keeps record of previous dates. How Cycle Calculator Works during each menstrual cycle, a woman's ovaries release an egg. This process is called ovulation. This typically takes place an average of about 14 days before the start of a woman's monthly period. After ovulation the egg moves toward the uterus through the fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place. An unfertilized egg may live for about 24 hours. The Cycle Calculator uses the day of your last menstrual bleeding and the average number of days in menstrual cycle to indicate days with increased probability of getting pregnant. Features Easy-to-use calendar predicts ovulation date and dates with increased probability of pregnancy. Vacation planner - scroll to view future menstrual cycle dates. Due Date calculator calculates the due date for the child conceived during current cycle. All cycle dates input into the calendar are available for review and editing. The calendar graphs your cycles duration over the last 12 months. The calendar calculates cycle duration statistics including average and standard deviation. Text Comments can also be typed in. The calendar automatically saves all you cycle dates into a text file for review on Pocket PC or desktop computer.
File Size270.9 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile Mobile
System RequirementsRequires 60kB of free memory.