Sota Omoigui's Pain Drug Handbook

Designed for quick access to pain drugs information, Sota Omoigui's Pain Drugs Handbook, 3rd Edition, is a complete clinical guide for your handheld. This reference is packed with descriptions and dosages covering a broad range of drugs and the various routes of administration commonly used in the treatment of acute, chronic and cancer pain. Over 120 drugs are listed alphabetically for ease of reference. Each is presented using a standard format: class, use(s), dosing, elimination, preparations, and a brief review of pharmacology. Next pharmacokinetics are summarized in a succinct manner: onset of action, peak effect and duration of action. Interactions, toxicity, guidelines/precautions, and principal adverse reactions are also included for each drug. Sota Omoigui's Pain Drugs Handbook contains therapeutic guidelines, a section on topical compounded medications, cancer pain management and a handy appendix with drug tables, CPR algorithms and pain rating scales.
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