With the proliferation of PC usage throughout every aspect of our work and recreation, many people are developing pain and numbness in their arms and hands. Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) affect people of all ages at work, at school and at home. Scientific research over the last ten years has shown that taking brief micro-breaks - lasting a matter of seconds and strategically placed during the day ? can substantially reduce the risk of developing RSI. Magnitude?s world leading and patented Anti-Injury ergonomic software ? ErgoFUN ? is an essential tool in the effort to prevent RSI. ErgoFUN has been developed to fulfill an unmet identified need for children who use computers at home and school. ErgoFUN is a stand-alone software solution, designed for busy parents to install for their children using computers. Parents take the multi-media computer-ergonomics tutorial with the children and interactively improve the positioning of their computer components and computer workstation.
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