Are you sick of thinking everyday what should I cook for myself or my family? PlanMyDish provides you with list of food items. You can search these food items depending time, type. Do you have to make multiple rounds to grocery store in a week because you do not have right ingredients to cook? PlanMyDish generates grocery list for you. It will even send grocery list to your phone via SMS or e-mail. Do you want someone to provide you with recommendations where recommendations are based on your food habits? PlanMyDish tracks what you have cooked. What dishes you were interested in. It will provide you recommendations based on them. Recipes, videos are just one click away from you. PlanMyDish searches recipes from the Web, videos and pictures from the Web making it easy. PlanMyDish has about 250 vegetarian items. Version 1.1 is a bug fixing release.
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0