eTipbook Keyboard and Digital Piano

FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE FULL VERSION of eTipbook Keyboard and Digital Piano (220 pages) - the essential guide for all keyboard players!KNOW YOUR INSTRUMENTWeighted keys, midi, layers and splits, arpeggiators, sequencers, expression pedals and multiswitches... Just a few of the many terms you get to deal with as a keyboard player. Tipbook Keyboard and Digital Piano explains them all to you, allowing you to make an informed purchase and get the most out of your instrument. Easily accessible for beginners, a great resource for advanced players.HEAR WHAT YOU READTipbook Keyboard and Digital Piano offers you the combined experience and knowledge of some twenty professional keyboard players. They tell you all about these extremely versatile instruments, and they have loads of great tips on how to find the keyboard that works best for you. Tips on amplification, midi, connections, and maintenance are of course included, and the interactive Tipcodes allow you to hear what you're reading about!REFERENCEA book you can playBrief sections introduce you to the history, the family, and the making of the instrument. A glossary and an extended index turn this owner's guide into a handy reference book. As an extra, this Tipbook also offers you a musical introduction to chords, and 22 pages worth of chord charts. Enjoy!PRESS QUOTESA comprehensive and superbly organized effort; comfortable to handle, visually attractive, and eminently readable. The Tipbook series is a splendid addition to the music field. (Dr. William Leland, guide has successfully achieved the difficult task of being relevant for both beginners and experts. (Music Educators Journal)Comprehensive approach; easy-to-follow layout makes these Tipbooks joy to read. (Music Trades)Technical information presented in commendably easy to understand language; totally recommended; amazingly comprehensive. (Jazz Journal)SUBJECTSTipbook Keyboard and Digital Piano tells you all about the main features of these instruments, different types of keys (waterfall keys, piano-style keys, synth-style keys), upper manuals, lower manuals, multitimbral keyboards, polyphonic instruments, piano pedals, expression pedals, continuous pedals, bass pedals, pedal switches, sequencers, splits and layers, velocity sensitivity, touch sensitivity, release sensitivity, polyphonic aftertouch, graded hammer actions, weighted keyboard, semi-weighted keys, transposition, ribbon controllers, assignable controllers, controller keyboards, recorders and sequencers, pitch bend and modulation wheels, auto accompaniments, keyboard connectors, midi in, midi out, harmonics, drawbars, quantize resolution, multitracking, standard midi files, samplers, effects, vocoders, keyboard amplifiers, and much more.
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System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.