Power Systems: Engineering

Complete Free handbook of Power Systems with diagrams and graphs. App covers notes on Power Systems. The best app in Engineering Education also brings the blog where you can contribute your work and get the research, industry, university News on the subject. You can very easily pass and succeed in your exams or interviews, the app provides quick revision and reference to the topics like a detailed flash card. Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for easy understanding. 1. Power semiconductor Devices in power system 2. Diodes in Power system 3. Thyristor in Power system 4. Light-triggered thyristor (LTT) in Power system 5. Desired characteristics of fully-controlled power semiconductors in power system 6. Gate-turn-off thyristor in power system 7. Metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor in power system 8. Insulated-gate bipolar transistor in power system 9. MOS-controlled thyristor in power system 10. Semiconductor switching-power performance in Power system 11. characteristics of semiconductors used in power system 12. Cooling systems of semiconductor in power system 13. Protection of semiconductors - snubber circuits 14. Current trends in power semiconductor technology 15. Thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR) 16. Fundamental voltage/current characteristic of TCR 17. Harmonics of TCR 18. The thyristor-controlled transformer (TCT) 19. The TCR with shunt capacitors 20. Introduction to thyristor-switched capacitor (TSC) 21. Ideal transient-free switching 22. General Switching transients 23. Switching a discharged capacitor 24. Voltage-source converters (VSCs) and derived controllers 25. Single-phase half-bridge VSC 26. Single-phase full-bridge VSC 27. Conventional three-phase six-step VSC 28. Single-phase half-bridge neutral-point-clamped (NPC) VSC 29. Single-phase full-bridge NPC VSC 30. Other multilevel converter topologies 31. Pulse-width modulated (PWM) VSCs 32. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPSs) 33. Introduction to HVDC transmission.
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