The Taskbar Reader is the perfect app for finishing the last pages of your book in the office while still looking busy. As the name suggests it hides by default as an icon in the Taskbar, and you have three reading options: a) a straightforward reading window, b) an interactive reading window which changes position and gives you a tiny task to do after each page (just so you look busy!) and c) an integrated email reader that allows you to read your book via email exactly where you left it off, either as text or as attachment using one of the provided or your own templates. The reader can be customized with regards to colors, behavior, and much more. The Taskbar Reader works natively with epub books, however integrates with the popular Calibre ebook management system to automatically convert from other formats.
File Size5.31 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows XP Windows 10 Windows Server 2008
System Requirements.NET Framework 4.6