Dedicated EPUB3/EPUB2 eBook Viewing Solution PubtreeViewer has 3 viewers f eor Android, iOS and Windows that allow you to view eBooks on a wide variety of devices. By default, it supports both EPUB3 and EPUB2. Use PubtreeEditor to optimize the viewing experience for each device. â?¢View standard format EPUB3 and EPUB2 files You can view files in the latest EPUB3 format, or you can view traditional EPUB2 files. PubtreeViewer can accurately render both the basic text and images of EPUB2 files and the interactive multimedia content of EPUB3 files. It also support fixed layout of Apple iBooks. â?¢Support both fixed layout and variable layout PubtreeViewer supports eBooks with traditional variable (reflowable) layouts or with new EPUB3 fixed layouts. You can also view eBooks with a mix of fixed and variable layouts. â?¢Display EPUB3 multimedia PubtreeViewer can display EPUB3 multimedia content made with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It also supports video, audio and animation effects. â?¢Comic book(image) viewing mode You can view comic book images that have been compressed into a zip file without any special setup process. This includes comic books that are not in EPUB format. â?¢Save your place in a book and view how much has been read(option) By linking to PubtreePlatform, PubtreeViewer can save your place in a book and show you how much of the book has been read across multiple devices. So you can read an eBook with one device and continue to read using other registered devices. â?¢Pick a landscape or portrait view modes for tablet viewing PubtreeViewer supports horizontal or vertical rendering (portrait or landscape), and it also supports a 2-page spread(synthetic spread) features so that you can read eBooks comfortably on a tablet.
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License Free
File Size 87.32 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None