Moo-o 2

Moo-o 2 is so funny and engaging that it motivates children to read fluently and expressively as they become the characters in the story they are reading. Moo-o 2 is ideal to be used at school and at home. At School: Learning with a high level of motivation: Moo-o 2 excites students as they immerse themselves as the characters in the story they are reading, motivating them to read fluently and expressively. The videos they produce can be easily shared in a safe environment, allowing them to be proud of their work and build up their confidence. Self Learning: Students can click on any word in a story to learn its pronunciation, and they can also learn to read expressively from the reading model in the Moo-o 2 software. Collaborative Learning: Students work in groups to play the different characters in a story. They need to collaborate well with one another to ensure that they can complete their project successfully, and on time. At Home: Create a homemade family entertainment video to share: Moo-o 2 excites parents and their children as they immerse themselves as the characters in the story they are reading together, and creating their "Funniest Home Video" that they can easily share with other family members and friends, to stay in touch with everybody in a laughter-filled way. Enchance Parent-Child Relationship: Instead of having parents read to their children, or children read to their parents, they can now all read at the same time using Moo-o 2. Depending on the story they are reading, the roles of the parents and children can even be reversed,creating a fun, engaging and effective way for family bonding. Allow Parents to be good role models: when parents make an effort to read fluently and expressively, they become good role models for their children to follow. Research has shown that active parental involvement in their children's education will have a positive impact on their learning, and Moo-o 2 provides parents with such an opportunity.
Price USD 19.9
License Free
File Size 15.78 MB
Version 2.1.6
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements Webcam and Microphone.