No Excuses Alarm Clock

No Excuses Alarm Clock is for all those people who just hate waking up. For all of you who have to get up for school or work, for athletes who have to get up to train, for parents who have to get up (and get their kids up) and for everyone else out there who just hates mornings, this app is for you. It might just change your life. No Excuses will keep ringing until you can prove that you're out of bed. The only way to turn the alarm off is to go to our website and get a password (or just hit your phone with a hammer). Good luck trying to sleep in now. It's impossible thanks to No Excuses Alarm Clock. No Excuses has been designed to always go off. Forgot to plug your phone in? No problem. The app will wake you up if the battery gets low. Worried the app might crash? It will restart itself in safe mode. We have put in place a huge range of safeguards so you can sleep easy, knowing that your alarm will ring in the morning. We know that some of the more determined sleepers out there have trained themselves to sleep through even the loudest alarms. That's why we've added extra features to our app. You can set your phone to flash in the morning, making it really hard to stay in bed. We also have a text-to-speech feature which will remind you exactly why it's worth getting up. No Excuses Alarm Clock is free and easy to use and it might just change your life.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None