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A habit takes more than 21 days to form and you have to implement the routine consistently to actually create a habit.We fail to do this and the intended habit quickly falls away. An accountability partner would stop procrastinating and quitting.Habit reCode is that accountability partner!It ensures that you don't take the easy way out (by using loss aversion as an immediate consequence).We give you reminders when it is time to complete a journal check-in and you get daily tips and strategies based on behavioral science and success principles.If you forget to do your journal check-in, $2 is immediately deducted (hence, linking Paypal).OUR GUARANTEE:NO MONEY WILL BE DEDUCTED UNLESS YOU FAIL TO COMPLETE A SCHEDULED JOURNAL CHECK-INAlthough small, this potential loss makes you up to 3x more likely to follow through.Our goal is to help you help you achieve your goals, not take your money.Profits contribute to animal welfare projects (Habit reCode 's animals) Requirements:-Link your Paypal (rest assured, no money will be deducted unless you fail to complete a journal check-in)-Sign in with Facebook (you get a post if you miss a check-in)Success does not require full time discipline; it just requires enough discipline to form the routine.Users typically forfeit around $4 over a 30 day module. Is it worth $4 to develop a success habit?Habit reCode is an innovate approach to achieving lasting change Dr Andrea Putica (Psychologist)Morning routine - Keystone habitYour morning routine sets the tone and pace for the rest of your day. Successful people build a morning routine that supports peak performance with a clear idea of what they want to achieve. set out and review your day (two check-ins / journal entries a day) Identify your goals, and get advice and strategies for goal success.Coming Soon:Productivity module - "The one thing" - how to stop procrastination and achieve your goals (based on the book by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan)30 day module guides and reminds you of the key strategies to increase productivity, stop procrastination and improve time management (more than just todo lists).Zen / mindfulness module - based on Leo Babauta and his Zen habits website30 day module guides and reminds you of the key strategies outlined by Leo Babauta including gratitude and mindfulness practices.You will get: Daily coaching and guidance A digital accountability partner (via loss aversion) Reminders via push notificationsHow is this app different?Unlike Stickk, Coach me, Habitbull, Pact and tracker apps, we do not leave you to figure out your own plan. We provide daily guidance based on "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg as well as behavioral science and social influence principles to massively increase the chance of you achieving your goals. Small daily steps rewire your habits for lasting change and keep you on a winning streak.If you want increased productivity, you strive for self development and you need to get motivated to stay on track to end procrastination or remove a bad habit, this app can help. Change bad habits, form good habits.Achieve your goals through daily guidance and an accountability partner. You owe it to yourself to at least try this method.Download today - you only pay if you dont follow throughRecent changes:Added improvements and bug fixes.Content rating: Everyone
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