**Note: This app is for registered TurboParts users authorized by their supplier only. If this app does not send captured VIN to TurboParts, please contact your supplier for authorization.** Registered TurboParts users (those with a valid username and password) may use the TurboParts VIN Capture app to quickly and easily capture and decode the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) mounted on the vehicle and transmit the VIN to your desktop TurboParts account. TurboParts by DST is the preferred eCommerce tool for automotive repair shops, fleets, car dealers and others. With the TurboParts VIN Capture app your parts lookups will be faster, easier and more accurate. If you dont know your TurboParts username and password credentials for use in the TurboParts VIN Capture app, please contact your parts supplier to request them. Overview:Once the app is installed on your mobile device, start it and enter your TurboParts credentials and email address on the login screen. The email address is the address to which you can optionally send captured VIN numbers. To scan and capture a VIN bar code, touch the Scan button. This will activate your mobile device camera and will place a red line across the screen which you should center on the VIN bar code. When the VIN is read by your camera, it will be automatically saved to your device in the VIN field. Touch Validate VIN to decode, validate and transmit the VIN to your TurboParts account for easy accurate parts catalog searches.Features: Touch the blue orientation button on the screen to change the camera orientation line to match either a horizontal or vertical VIN bar code.Touch the light bulb icon on the screen if you need to turn on your flash (if available) under low light conditions. For vehicles without VIN barcodes, the VIN may also be entered manually to be validated and transferred to your TurboParts desktop application.Successfully scanned and decoded VIN bar codes are transferred to your TurboParts desktop application for use in an electronic catalog search instead of entering the year, make, model, and engine size manually.Email the VIN. If you need to obtain a copy of the captured VIN number so that it can be entered (cut and paste) into your Shop Management System or for other uses, touch the Email VIN button. Your default email app will open with the VIN embedded in the body of an email. Send the email.Content rating: Everyone
File Size3.46 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.