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Flooring Job Bid Calculator Free is here to help you with all of your floor measuring needs. The app incorporates many of the different types and aspects of flooring installation. You can calculate a flooring bid that includes Ceramic Tile, Hardwood Floors, Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate Flooring, and others.You can save your jobs and bids. Then reload them later with every piece of information saved. You can email the details of the flooring bid. Which is the totals in a formatted email/text message. All the floor details will be included.The easy step by step process will guide you to an accurate bid to help you land the job, or ensure that you are being charged a fair and accurate price. You can also use the calculators to figure simple square feet with waste. You will start the project in the Main Menu area. Here you will have some options. As you "calculate" each section. It will automatically update the Job Total in the Final Bid section of the app.This is the different page breakdown:Job/Customer Details Page: You can add the customers address. Home and Cell Phone Numbers as well as City and Zip. You can then email/message this information easily from the app with the total floor bid total included. Square Foot Calculator Page:(To Help Get Your Totals) Here you can add up a few quick measurement totals. There are a few sections for Area and Width that will calculate a total. Then you can add square feet to it in the "Know Square Foot" Area. Also, you can add the percentage of square feet that you want added to that total. This is just a "square feet calculator". It is not added to the FINAL BID AREA.Take Up Charges Page:(Estimator) This can help you add up the different types of flooring take-up you may have. There are sections for Ceramic Tile Flooring , Vinyl, Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Laminate, and Other. You can add individual square feet totals, and prices to each type of floor that you want to include in the flooring bid. This is automatically added to the floor bid total.Prep & Plywood Page:This page is to calculate some flooring prep items, and to calculate sub floor cost. Here you enter the amount of square feet of floor that you need to put underlayment/sub floor down on. Enter the square feet per sheet and the amount you charge per sheet to install and it will calculate the number of sheets you need, and the total amount to install them. The amount of sheets is a net amount. You will need more to actually install the job. Extra Charges Page: Here there are areas you can add things to the bid such as charges for moving furniture, hanging baseboard, moving and resetting toilets, and moving appliances.Install Charges Page: The install charges page is where you enter the actual square footage you are installing of each type of floor. There are sections for Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, and an other for more types of flooring. These will all be totaled, and your total square footage and your total install cost will be transferred to the FINAL BID AREA.Final Bid Page: Here the totals from all the other areas, Take Up Charges, Prep and Underlayment, Extra Charges, and Install charges are all added up. There is one more field here that will be added to the total. It can be used for anything. Supplies like seam tape, seam sealer, grout/mortar.I am working on updates. The last update to this free version was 5/19/2015 PLEASE RATE THE APP!!Recent changes:v1.06-Added Send details page, two options-Added ability to delete files-Changed file list background graphic-Fixed a few tablet layout issues (10+ inch)-Fixed Null field crash bug-Fixed Null file load crash bug-Added prompt before deletev1.05--Added Menu Items to share App/Send Details of Jobs--Added a List of all saved files on load page--Added support for 10' tablets--Cleaned up some layout issuesv1.04--Save The Entire Job for later--Send Details in formatted email/messageContent rating: Everyone
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