Saround your personal booking engineSaround is the simplest way to find help when you need it. No more mass emails, double bookings, hiring total strangers or scrambling at the last minute. Make a list of your favorite people for an opening, then let Saround do its thing. Saround will find someone you know whos available or get you a referral from a friend, so you can find someone that fits your schedule. Share any parts of your network with close friends, and as the network grows, you will be able to find reliable people for your needs. Key Features--Private: All queries for a job or opening from multiple people at one time are blind -Time Delay requests: Send a delayed query so that your preferred contacts get the request before the others. Once someone accepts, the job is no longer offered to anyone else on the list. -Sync: Scheduled Sarounds sync directly with your iOS Calendar -Offer your time: rather than simply finding someone to help you, now you can let people know youre available to help them -Easy to add contacts: access your IOS contacts directly in the app or add someone manually. All names are saved in your general Saround Contact list -Lists: separate your contacts into lists making it a one touch solution to add all of your contacts from one category -List Sharing: Share your contacts or others can share theirs with you in two simple taps. -Communicate: access SMS and Voice call directly through the app How we help you:As a parent, Saround is a simple solution for managing your babysitters, errands and childrens activities. As a service professional: Saround is a simple solution for booking that last minute spot that opened up, without needed to track who responds when. Simply set the time and availability, send to your list of contacts and go back to your work. Your phone will notify as soon as the opening is filled. As an Athlete: Saround is the easiest way to find a substitute or offer up a game. Eliminate the chain emails and send out a Saround. Go on about your day and let the app do its thing. As a Restaurant or Theater: Offer up last minute cancellations on Table or tickets to concierges or regular customers. Once someone accepts the last minute opening, the offer is automatically pulled from everyone else.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 4.19 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.