Barcode Scanner Terminal

Scan a bar code and do one of the following:- validate against and store it in an Excel spreadsheet- store it in plain files on your SD card for later processing- send it to your own backend server for validation (optionally also storing locally)- send it to a Google Docs spreadsheet- send it directly to your PCWhen validating against an Excel spreadsheet it will check if the barcode exists as well as if the barcode has been scanned more times than max allowed. If both conditions are fulfilled the timestamp for the scan is stored within the spreadsheet.When sending to a backend server it connects through the HTTP protocol over Wi-Fi or cell phone network. The server response is processed by the app. The response can be plain text or HTML code, or even a URL to a web page, which will be shown on the screen. If you don't do programming yourself you can still send barcodes to the cloud by sending them to a Google Docs spreadsheet.By using a free application (PC Connector) that requires no install you can send the barcodes to your PC and for example have them entered on an Excel spreadsheet or in a text input field on a form on a web page. Alternatively you can use it to send any kind of command to your PC - contact us for more info.When storing to the device (on the SD card) it stores the data in JSON files, which are both easy to read by a human and easy to read by a machine. The app remembers which barcodes have been sent to the server and which haven't. You have full access to the raw data. Any barcodes that haven't yet been sent to the server can be sent in batch mode when you are online. Also options to export to Excel and CSV. We guarantee you will always have full flexibility to do what you need with your data.You can also use an external (eg. USB or Bluetooth) hand-held or table scanner if preferred.Optionally you can store/send the GPS location, indication of in/out scan, and a number (eg. quantity) together with the barcode.This app is perfect for validation of tickets or registration of participants for an event, as an inventory scanner, scanning of product barcodes or whatever data you want to collect and process. It provides you with full flexibility of what you want to do with the barcodes.See docs (link below) for further details. If you need any other features or development of customized systems please contact us.Pricing:----------------------------The first 200 scans are free with all functionality enabled. Thereafter a subscription is required where you have the following options:- Annual subscription: 79 USD- Monthly subscription: 8 USDWe can also make a customized version for you where we agree on a one-time cost.Features:------------------------------------------------- scan any of these 1D/2D bar codes: QR Code, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, ITF, Codabar, RSS-14, RSS-Expanded, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Aztec- send to Excel on SD card, send to PC, store on device, or send to a backend server over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol- batch send the locally stored and unprocessed bar codes to server- multiple devices: you give each device a customized ID which is stored/sent along with each bar code.- store GPS coordinates together with barcode- set scan points (in/out)- send a number along with the barcode- export locally stored bar codes to Excel or CSV- use an external scanner (eg. USB or Bluetooth)- use ZXing Team's Barcode Scanner app for barcode recognition- batch/continuous scanning: automatically start scanning again after succesfully scanning a bar code- use LED light, vibration and front camera- process server response: process a JSON string and show any messages, either plain text or HTML, or even show a web page.- audible notification of valid and non-valid bar codes, as well as of processing errors (use default or a custom sound)Documentation: on the ZXing library.Recent changes:Version 3.3 - October 12, 2014- option to set scan points (in/out)- option to send a number (eg. a quantity) along with the barcodeContent rating: Low Maturity
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 9.17 MB
Version 3.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.