The EMS.GHS/(M)SDS for Android devices and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad is a multi-lingual tool that offers access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and hazard summary information including GHS Pictograms and Labels on chemicals that can provide critical data for safety and emergency response.Chemical manufacturers are now required to comply with the Globally Harmonized System of labeling chemicals. OSHA has adopted the GHS into its own Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). This system is complex and important to all chemical companies workplace safety.With access to tens of thousands of supplier-specific Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and the ability to easily enter and upload more SDS and GHS label data for company-specific chemicals, the EMS software allow for easy and accurate access to data and GHS label generation.>/i>Image or text based MSDSs can be viewed organization wide over these mobile devices. The easy to use search screen makes finding the most appropriate and up to date MSDSs simple and quick. By entering the product name, manufacturer, MSDS number the data sheet is returned for viewing or printing. These data sheets are OSHA compliant for instant hazard information access. Specific data sheets can be linked to chemical inventory for increased ease of use.On March 23, 2012, OSHA adopted a new Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard. This new standard is part of the 20-year-old world-wide effort to standardize the way chemical hazard information is communicated. It is known as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The EMS.GHS/(M)SDS mobile applications help you identify, label and effectively manage workplace safety SFS Chemical Safetys EMS software will help you build your library of safety data sheets as efficiently as possible and it will output GHS labels. The cost to upkeep this library through our product is extremely competitive, in most cases meaning you will pay less to maintain this inventory of data sheets through us than if you were to hire another outside service or do the work internally. For added ease of use the software is iPhone and iPad compatible allowing users to access safety information seamlessly anywhere.Employers that use chemicals in their operations, chemical manufacturers or distributors are required to comply with new GHS labeling and safety data sheet requirements. Our software allows you to find, display and print GHS compliance labels in multiple languages, and has built in tables with all the GHS Hazards and GHS Precautionary codes, as well as signal words and pictograms associated with manufacturer specific chemicals.The MSDS manager comes with a chemical reference database including chemical properties, hazard data, regulatory data for 80,000+ chemicals that includes all EPA designated hazardous chemicals as well as compliance, regulatory, chemistry, storage, and labeling data. The US EPA list of lists, a database of federal regulations, has been cross referenced against all chemicals in the chemical reference database so the (M)SDS module displays and produces appropriate hazard labels.MSDS and GHS Labeling Features:â?¤ Electronic MSDS Documentsâ?¤ Hazard Labelsâ?¤ Storage Labelsâ?¤ Shipping Labelsâ?¤ NFPA Labelsâ?¤ HMIS Labelsâ?¤ PPE Labelsâ?¤ DOT Labelsâ?¤ Canadian Labelsâ?¤ EU Labelsâ?¤ US Federal and State, Canadian and EU Regulationsâ?¤ EU R&S Phrasesâ?¤ MSDS Component (Ingredient) Managementâ?¤ Part Number Managementâ?¤ MSDS Facility/Location Limit Managementâ?¤ Chemical ApprovalRecent changes:Layout improvements.Notification improvements.Android 5.0 (Loliipop) optimization.Content rating: Everyone
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