Are you tired of spending time sorting through your mailbox to keep only the e-mails that matter? Love Your Emails is a free service that classify emails and helps you with your e-subscription management (Only for IMAP connexion mailboxes). - Exclusive services in Love Your Emails: Safe unsubscription in 1 click from commercials or newsletters sent to your e-mail address. Simply click and Boxy, the robot will handle the rest for you (filling in a questionnaire, selecting options, etc). Its simple and fast! This even protects you from possible inconveniences such as phishing attacks through corrupted links. (E.g.: infection by viruses) Classification of advertisements / spam / social network notifications Filtering regardless of the language used in the e-mails Green list allowing e-mail addresses to be managed by declaring senders as trusted senders Synchronization of services on all media (PC, smartphone, tablet) Protection against threats such spam, phishing or virus- Boxy, our robot that specializes in the next-gen anti-spam filtering of mailboxes, files your e-mails continuously and independently into 4 categories (WITHIN YOUR MAILBOX): Your legitimate e-mails Low-priority e-mails (advertisements, newsletters) Social network notifications The application allows configuring Boxy as well as how e-mails are viewed in the various folders created. Build-in antispam to have a safe inbox- Unsubscribe safely in one click from newsletters, commercial e-mails or any kind of bulk email.The Love Your Emails service allows you to have an organized mailbox and optimizes the reading of e-mails through the secure filtering of your e-mails. Your sorted e-mails will be accessible from all the e-mail media and applications that you usually use: mailbox, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Application compatible with Android 2.3.1 and higher Visit to find out more and to use this online application. The Love Your Emails service uses the filter engine developed by Vade Retro Technology, based on the Predictive Heuristic Filter technology. Love Your Emails is also a service that fights other e-mail-related threats: spam, phishing, viruses, scams and identity theft. To access online help: TO DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT AND STOP FILTERING YOUR E-MAILS: If you only delete the app, Boxy will continue to filter your emails. In the application, go to the Settings tab, then My account and Delete my account and confirm. Caution: all e-mail addresses associated with this account will also be deleted. In the event of a malfunction of the application, kindly send an e-mail describing the problem using your client ID (this can be found in the Settings, under My account) to changes:Correction on the loading time to change folderContent rating: Everyone
File Size6.65 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.