AutoCon - Save Battery & Data

AutoCon will turn off the connections when screen goes off and turn them back on when screen turns on - Saves battery by turning off connections when you don't need them, Saves data usages. You can still be connected to internet by activating networks periodically when screen remains off!AutoCon helps user to control the connections like Data, WiFi, Bluetooth with the activities of screen. This will prevent the unwanted usages of the network connections which leads to improve battery life!***AutoCon dose not acquire any wake lock (partial or full)***-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Basic Principle :It has been observed that the internet connections (WiFi and Data) are one of the primary reasons of battery drain. Also they consume battery when user don't need them. Typically users keep the mobile always connected to internet but majority of users don't require the always-on connection, but its sufficient for them to connect to internet when required.Its painful for user to turn on the connection when needed and turn it off when done. Here comes AutoCon.AutoCon will turn off the connections when screen goes off and turn them back on when screen turns on!Also for countries like India where mobile data plans are still expensive, AutoCon will prevent the exes usages of mobile data by disabling it when its not required.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Explanations of Permissions:Device & app history (retrieve running apps) - User for white-list application feature (to determine foreground running app in case user wants AutoCon not to close connection when a particular app is running)Wi-Fi, Network and Bluetooth information - Required as basic functionality of AutoCon to enable/disable WiFi, Data and Bluetooth-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Main Features :- Control Data, WiFi and Bluetooth connections- Turn Off the connections when screen goes off- Specify the interval after which data/wifi should turned off when screen goes off- Turn On connections when screen turns on- Specify the interval after which data/wifi should turned on when screen is unlocked- Periodically activate connections in background (say every 1 hour, configurable) when screen is off so that user will not be totally disconnected (++Available in Plus version)- Disable WiFi when its not connected to any network (when screen goes off)- Disable mobile data when WiFi is connected (when screen goes off)- Time Range: Connections will stay off in given time range (say at night 11 pm to 6 am, I don't want AutoCon to enable connections when I unlock the screen) (++Available in Plus version)- When a particular app is running, do not disconnect when screen is off (for example I am speaking on Viber, so I want data to remain connected always even though screen is off) (++Available in Plus version)- Everything is configurable - every interval, every setting.Recent changes:Removed SD card read/write permission - Now it woulnt be listed in play store as - Access media and photos!Auto Start on boot - Added checkbox for user permission to AutStart (default - selected) - If background service is enabled and user has selected auto start option, Service will start at boot Airplane mode detection - Added checkbox for user preference to disable the AutoCon activities when phone is in Airlane mode (default - selected) Some spelling mistakesContent rating: Everyone
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.78 MB
Version AutoConLite_V7_241014
Operating System Android
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.