Letter Express FREE has arrived!This is the FREE version of the ONLY app which lets you write letters and memos on your mobile.You don't need a chunky laptop, or expensive word processing software. Letter Express is the streamlined way to write documents!The FULL version of Letter Express has been on the app store for a while now, and it's already garnered some great reviews. It's even been featured and reviewed on a number of professional websites... all of which make it clear why 'Lex' is becoming one of the most popular portable word processing tools on the mobile market!LETTERS AND MEMOS IN AN INSTANT...---------------------------------Letter Express breaks the process of writing a letter up into several simple steps. This makes it incredibly easy to use, and - more importantly - FAST.Type the sender address, the recipient address, the content, date, sign off text with name and finally add a signature. There - your letter is done!Now you can email it from within the app to any email address you like. Then, if required, save the letter to reuse later.The app also lets you write memos using the same process!Letter Express has already proved incredibly popular, owing to the clean and simple interface.There are already LOADS of great features in Letter Express, including quick-text - which gives you instant access to common phrases you may wish to use in your document. It also has suggested formats and titles when you're adding a date or saving your creations.There's plenty more features on the way. Watch this space!This FREE app has no limitations at all - but you may consider purchasing the FULL version which removes all ads and watermarks - all for a very small price!SO - if you write a lot of letters, or hate the idea of sitting down in front of your PC composing them - get Letter Express right away!Letter Express isn't the only ace up our sleeves...OTHER TIME4 APPS IN OUR SLEEVES:------------------------------EASY PIE: Pie charts on your mobile. Just tap in some values using the mini-spreadsheet and press go. Voila! Pie charts ready to send anywhere via email, or just take a screenshot and use them in your documents!DR. IRVINES WORD WEAVER: A challenging science fiction word game. The written word's answer to sudoku! Tiles contain up to four letters each, piece tiles together to make words. Words mean points! Over ONE BILLION replayable levels!MAKEUP MANAGER: An easy way to store details of ALL your makeup items, from lipsticks to hair products. Especially useful if you're a clown.JOB SHEET PRO: Produce job sheets and invoices on the go! Like letter express, but designed for the mobile workforce...CURRENCY CARD PRO: An underrated gem of an app - which lets you compare monetary values in seconds, helping you to quickly get to grips with new and unfamiliar currencies.Oh, and don't forget to follow Time4 on twitter: The wit of a monkey, and the style of a shark: @Time4Apps
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required