Movement Detection for Locale

This plug-in (for Locale and Tasker) detects various types of motion, such as driving in a car, riding a bicycle, or walking. You can make sure that your "Work" settings aren't triggered until you have stopped driving, or disable wi-fi while you are riding in a car. **** Note: If you don't have Locale or Tasker installed, this plug-in will do you no good. If you don't know what Locale or Tasker are, you don't need this plug-in. I would highly recommend Locale, though, as it helps you automate your device settings based on where you are, which network you are connected to, or many other conditions, in a very user-friendly manner. **** Google recently provided Android devices a way to detect "in a moving vehicle", "on a bike", "on foot", and "still." This plug-in makes use of that recognition service to set Locale (or Tasker) conditions when one of those activities is happening or not (depending on how you set up the situation).[ If you don't care to read technical jargon and explanations, feel free to skip the next section - just know that this plug-in was written to get your activity right! ]There are other plug-ins that use the same service to provide activity recognition. While I can't comment on how the other plug-ins work, I can say that mine was built with algorithms around the Activity Recognition data provided by Google, rather than just report what the service says is happening. The reason that is important is that Google's Activity Recognition service, while very good, can guess wrong when it's not sure, resulting in an apparent bouncing between activities; it can also report "Unknown" or "Tilting" when you are doing one of the other activities, or report activities when you are not doing that activity. In other words, it isn't always correct. My algorithms account for that, and report back data in a more logical manner. It may not always be correct either, but in my testing, it is pretty good at getting it right.Tasker Users: Once installed, you can find the Movement Detection Plug-In by going to Profiles, and adding a "State" condition. Within the pop-up that appears, you will see a button labeled "Plugin." Tap that, and you will see "Movement Detection."Discuss this plug-in, or Locale in general, at changes:- Improved recognition in certain circumstances- Crash fixes- Slow down activity recognition while still - battery life improvementContent rating: Everyone
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File Size 1.17 MB
Operating System Android, Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.