Now never forget to do things when you are near a place!Life is busy. We are constantly on the move. And we have so many tasks to juggle. And so many things on our mind. And we forget to do things! There are so many times we've forgotten to pick up milk when we actually walked past the grocery store. Or forget to pick up clothes from the laundry. Or even worse forget to pick up a gift for your partner on an anniversary!Well, this app can save your marriage! (And for those who are not married, it can save you time and frustration). Just let the app know what you want to do and where you want to do it. When you are near the location, it will remind you to do the task!And if you are really tech-savvy and have an Android watch, its even more cool. It will send a notification to your watch when you are near the location.That's what the app does in a nutshell. Its like an invisible person walking beside you all the time and telling you to do things when you can. Sounds creepy, but you will enjoy this creepiness!The app is super-customizable and feature-rich. It you want to know more, read on.Predefined Tasks -Want to buy groceries? Just click on the 'Buy Groceries button'! There are 15 such common day-to-day tasks in the app. Saves some typing!Set the exact location -Enter an address on the map and it takes you to that location. Press and hold on the map pin and drag it wherever you want. So you can set the pin exactly in front of a store or at the intersection of 2 streets.Set a custom alert radius -You can set a custom alert radius. Set it to 100m if you know you walk by very close to the location mentioned. Or mention a few kilometres if you drive by a few kilometres from the location and want to be alerted, say when you are 5 km from the location.See how far each task is -In the list of tasks, see how far each task is from your current location.See all tasks on the map -View all tasks on the map along with your current location so you get a very good idea of how far each task is.Snooze a task -Say you are near the grocery store and the app alerts you to 'Get Milk'. If you are busy with something, you can snooze the task, say for an hour. The app will remain silent. If you are still near that location after an hour, the app will remind you againGet an alert only when you want to -Say you want to pick up your laundry and you know it is open only from 8AM to 8PM. You obviously don't want to get an alert when you are near the laundry at midnight! So you can set the times between which you want to get an alert. You can also set a start and end date for the alert.Set Alert modeYou can set the alert to either wake up the screen and play your favourite song (like an alarm), or if you don't want it to be too loud, you can tell it to simply vibrate and post a notification.If you have a smart watch and you set the mode to notification, it will alert you on your watch as well. Ain't that sweet!So Localert has more than you can ask for! Download it and trust me, you will always have milk in the fridge for breakfast! Say goodbye to the days you have to mix your cereal with fruit juice!Recent changes:New version 1.1 features/fixes1. Battery issue fixed.2. Satellite view for maps (you can switch between the normal and satellite view in settings)3. Set a custom alert tone from your SD card4. App remembers the addresses that have already been used for a type of task. No need to search for them again.5. Reactivate a task after it is done.6. Swipe to delete task from Task List.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size5.1 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.