Finally, an app to help songwriters avoid getting ripped off!!You know the drillthere is nothing but love in the studio when two or more songwriters collaborate and write that next big smash! In fact, there is so much love in the air that there is no need to deal with song splits at that moment and "kill the vibe." They can deal with the business later, right? Sure, but the odds are slim at best. Split Sheetz provides the ideal solution to harmoniously document and verify song splits between co-writers on-the-spot (via Android) while everyones memory is fresh and before "selective" amnesia sets in. Then, once all parties agree to the copyright splits, Splitz Sheetz serves as a personal catalog system to store and organize song information for all...from an amateur who writes as a hobby to the seasoned professional songwriter.A carpenter uses a hammer; a plumber carries a wrenchnow, songwriters have Split Sheetz! Avoid unnecessary disputes and potential, costly lawsuits. Download Split Sheetz, today for an extended low introductory price of $1.99 until until December 1st.With Split Sheetz you can: Create and initiate split sheets to allocate and document song splits between collaborators. Confirm or dispute proposed song splits from collaborators via email. Verify and sign unanimously agreed split sheets manually with on-screen signature verification feature. Generate PDF document of copyright split sheet to print for physical documentation if, and when, necessary. Instantly and automatically sync information from your Android to the Split Sheetz Web app on your laptop or computer, or vice versa, by way of the Split Sheetz "cloud" server. Maintain solid working relationships by inputting new or importing existing phone contacts into a dedicated phone book for easier access. Receive comprehensive educational tools to help learn and comprehend the music business. Individually tag each split sheet with keywords or phrases to easily organize and manage catalog for song submissions to A&R and Television/Film Music executives. Maintain your personal song catalog with an easy-to-manage filing system that provides date, time, genre, copyright information, contact information of your collaborators. Play music file and view lyric sheet attached to a corresponding split sheet by way of the Split Sheetz Web app. Ability to add email address to user account information for automatic submission of signed split sheets to specified administration company.Content rating: Everyone
File Size2.2 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.