iWord is a powerful word processor ("rich text editor") that will transform your device in a professional typewriter.iWord was designed to be used in place of the available word processors for personal computers and to enhance the versatility and ease of use.Useful for journalists, students, writers, office work, for reports, etc.iWord can export the written documents in PDF or HTML file formats and can share them using remote storage and sharing systems (e.g. cloud).Using the export to HTML function you can also use iWord to create your own web pages.Also, by pressing the "Speech to Text" button on the keyboard (on iOS 6, available only for devices compatible with "SIRI") you can dictate text to be written ... "Speech to Text" will insert for You the dictated text in the document, at the position where the cursor is displayed.Turn your device in a typewriter that can be used sitting on the couch at home, at work or during a trip.Features:- "IWord" + "Speech to Text": dictate the text to be written and "Speech to Text" will write automatically for You the dictated text in the document- "Text To Speech" to read the written text- "document's models" window- Intuitive interface: start the program, and within seconds you're already writing- Automatic Indentation- AutoFormat lists- Versatile structure to create any type of document- Tables with or without border- Coloring of the cells of the table (infinite numbers of colors)- Highlighting text (infinite numbers of colors)- Coloring of text (infinite numbers of colors)- Indentation of the text: left, center, right, justified- Lots of available fonts (all fonts supported by the device)- Bold, Italic, Underline- Font Size- Inserting multiple images (i.e. created with "FingerCAD" or "Finger Painting" or taken with the camera and / or modified with "Camera with Filters")- Load images from the photo album of the device with the possibility to scale the images- Inserting images in the table or in any position of the document, etc.- End of page- Insert web link- Undo and redo- Export and share the written document using the PDF and HTML (write Your own web pages using iWord) and send it via email- Sharing files between iPad and iPhone- Sharing remote documents: share your written documents with colleagues or friends far away- Compress (zip) and automatic extraction during import (unzip) of the documents (for the remote sharing or to send the written documents with an email)- Characters counter- PDF previewManagement for the documents stored in the "iWord Archive":- Archiving and document management: save, read, edit, duplicate, delete, archive, share, etc.. an infinite number of documents - Import documents via file sharing, copy/paste, Open In, email attachments, etc..COPY / PASTE:- Select and copy web pages (or parts of them) and paste into iWordImport RTF, TXT, MS Office and iWork documents:Using "Open In" or rtfManager, documentsManager, sheetsManager, presentationsManager, megaDownloader Web Browser and the copy/paste feature of iWord PRO You can import the RTF, MS Office and iWork documents or parts of the documents in the iWord PRO rich text area, modify and save them or export them in the HTML file formatSharing documents (IN/OUT) with:- Dropbox (remote storage systems, cloud)- Open In- iTunes File Sharing- email attachmentDisplay:- Retina display supported"Speech to Text":- Write speaking, without using the keyboard"Text To Speech":- Read the written textSupported device orientations:- Portrait and Landscape (iPad)Print:- AirPrintApp type:- UNIVERSAL APP (you pay only once and runs on all the devices)E-book compatible: - "iWord PRO html doc" to "e-book" is very simple using "calibre"
File Size4.47 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.