iCAD Professional

**** On Sale 75% Off! One week only!!! ****Now you can view and share CAD and 3D models on the go, with iCAD Professional. It works for all major CAD and 3D animation packages and is ideal for engineers, designers, manufacturing, quality control, 3D animators, sales and management. Click More to learn why you should download this App today! Very quick rendering of high polygon count models. The interface is fairly intuitive, and the range of supported formats is nice. The slice feature is great! Spinemechanics Easy to use. Large models run really smoothly. BigJ007 There are a few other apps that purport to do the same thing, but iCAD leaves them in the dust. This is a great app to show models to clients, or as the center of hallway discussions with coworkers. I cant recommend it highly enough hiltoncYou and your team have been working on an automotive design for weeks. Thereve been long days, setbacks and challenges but its been exciting and a great opportunity for your company. Naturally, precision is critical for this project, yet looks and the ever looming deadline count, too. Communication and consultation with your co-workers is a vital component for the successful completion of this job. Thats why you use iCAD Professional.Thanks to iCAD, you no longer have to schedule update meetings or drag people to your desk to go over CAD designs or 3D models. You save a lot of time by simply picking up your iPad and taking it to show whomever you need to. Give your creation a final tweak, adjust the background or lighting then take your design to other desks, gather in the hallway, it doesnt matter, you can go anywhere with it. A quick viewing and consultation or approval then its back to work for everybody.iCAD Professional is the ultimate in 3D and CAD viewing on the move. This powerful, portable tool travels with you on your iPad, freeing you from the constraints of bulky desktops and some of those time-consuming meetings. iCAD Professional helps you perform more efficiently, and its perfect for high quality client presentations, where nothing less than professional will do. This application is easy to use and intuitive, yet offers sophisticated features and functioning. It works with all major CAD and 3D animation packages, allows solid clipping planes, on-screen model markup, model measurement, scene customization, model and screenshot sharing, and far more. If youve been hoping for a better way to view, display and share your 3D models and CAD designs then your wish has just been granted.Have a look at just some of the features offered in iCAD Professional:* Easy-to-use, intuitive interface* Allows viewing and sharing of 3D models and CAD designs* Works with all the major CAD and 3D Animation packages**** Allows solid clipping planes, model measurements, on-screen markup* Allows onscreen drawing to markup model, hiding parts, changing center of rotation* Provides standard orthographic views, scene customization, color editing, textures* Integrated FTP support* Sharing of models and screenshots via email* Opens supported files from email or Dropbox* Ideal for engineers, designers, manufacturing, quality control, 3D animators, sales and management* Watch for additional features coming soon!Do yourself a favor by taking advantage of this powerful, convenient model viewing tool. You and your clients will appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of your design efforts as a result of using this app.Simply download iCAD Professional now, then prepare to dazzle. You may need to install software from iCADprofessional.com to have it work with your CAD or 3D animation package.
Price USD 14.99
License Purchase
File Size 24.03 MB
Version 1.0.9
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.