"Finger Painting Animator" is the "ANIMATOR" version of the software "Finger Painting". This application was designed to create 2D animations and movies. Once you have drawn the keyframes of the animation (drawing and editing using the fingers of your hands, using features such as edit / add / remove / copy / move / rotate / modify objects attributes, etc), the software automatically creates all the intermediate frames (inbetweens) interpolating and animating (tweening) the control vertices of the drawn keyframes (keyframing). Completing all: - the "play" function that allows you to view the preview of the animation movie (starting from any frame) - the add a background music to the movie (the song can be loaded from the device music library) - the movie maker feature that allows you to create .MP4 or .MOV videos exportable into the device's Photo Album (the videos/movies can be used with other installed apps, for example with "iMovie" to create for example faded transitions with animated text) - the animation frames explorer to view all the frames of the animation - the ability to copy via "iTunes File Sharing" all JPG images (frames) of the animation on your Mac or PC - the ability to copy via "iTunes File Sharing" the generated .MP4 and .MOV movies on your Mac or PC - the sharing feature to share media content with cloud systems like for example Dropbox or with Facebook, YouTube, etc... - the animation on a background image feature (the image can be loaded by the device's Photo Albums) and many other features... Create your storyboard and the 2D animation movies with "Finger Painting Animator" and use the movies in the video editing app You prefer. Features: - MultiTouch (preview under fingers from 1 to 4) - Drawing freehand with the fingers - Color, transparency and brush size can be selected - Airbrush - Zoom In / Out - Pan Left / Right / Up / Down - You can save the drawing in the device Photo Album (and send it by e-mail) - Drawing is saved on system file (keep in memory and reloads the drawing automatically in subsequent uses of the program) - Management of strokes drawn as separate objects in time - Erasing possibility for the strokes drawn (from the last until the first - undone function) - Changes can be undone, even in the next use of the program, when you close and reopen "Finger Painting Animator" (exclusive function of "Finger Painting Animator") - Under finger dynamic drawing preview added (when you draw you can see exactly whats happen under Your finger) - Enable/disable control for "under finger" - The color of the background can be changed in any time during drawing session (it will be saved and reloaded in the next session of work) - AutoPan for work area during drawing (if you reach the border of the screen, "Finger Painting Animator" shifts automatically the work area so you can draw lines longest of the selected screen work area - you have not to use the "zoom out" to draw longest lines) - Graphics accelerated ("Finger Painting Animator" has high graphics performance also after hours of work) - The auto pan feature can be enabled or disabled - Full screen drawing - Color Picker - Multi-layer drawing - Multitasking - Graphics acceleration: supports for multiple core CPUs - "iTunes Files Sharing" (share your drawing using iTunes for MAC or PC software) - Animation 2D - Projects Archive - Copy, move, edit, rotate, scale frame, transform - Moving camera animation - Animation over photo albums images - Edit graphical objects with fingers (dragging the fingers over the graphical object) - Full screen movie display - Polygon filling - ZERO LATENCY drawing - .MOV creation - .MP4 creation - Movie snapshot
File Size2.22 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPad. iTunes account required.