QuickCal - The natural language calendar for iOS

Why should creating an event be such an event?Create events and reminders in speed of thought with natural language! You'll be amazed how much quicker you can create events. Some examples: "Dinner at 6" "Pick up Joe tomorrow at LAX at 8pm" "Cycling class @6 for 1.5h" "Next Tuesday Jogging in the Park @8a for 90 min"Just type for a few seconds or dictate your event - QuickCal will know what you want. As you type, QuickCal will show you what it is thinking.You can also use a bunch of common shortforms for e.g. weekdays or month to save time while typing.If you use multiple calendars you can easily tap on the calendar name in the title bar to switch to the next calendar. Or choose a specific calendar by typing a portion of its name.In addition to this, QuickCal supports "Smart Reminders", which will create alarms at configurable time intervals, specific to how far in the future the event is. A meeting tomorrow? Reminder 15 min in advance. A meeting in 6 months? Remind a few _days_ in advance.You can configure details in the settings.QuickCal also provides a convenient view of upcoming events; pinch/zoom to provide different levels of detail on your calendar entries.***You can even create an event for a specific day while scrolling through the list view or in month view with a long tap on a date.***Enjoy a much easier and quicker way to manage your events!Also check out "QuickCal" for the Mac! http://quickcalapp.com---Some useful hints:QuickCal is very flexible. There is no fixed syntax. Most things should be intuitive. However there are few hints you won't find out right away. If you want to keep QuickCal from parsing words or numbers you type use quotes e.g. "Run 10 Miles" If a location is followed by a description you need to use ":" as a delimiter QuickCal has also some custom URI goodness for apps like Launch Center Pro. You can use one of these to launch QuickCal to a certain view: "quickcal://new", "quickcal://list" or "quickcal://month".For further information and question please contact us directly!Email quickcal at quickcalapp dot com or start a conversation on Twitter with @quickcal.We can't reply to reviews in the AppStore.
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File Size 2.12 MB
Version 1.6
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required