Introducing uMail, an e-mail client focused on streamlining e-mail searches.uMail downloads all your email to your iPhone and offers powerful full-text email search. Compared to the iPhone's Mail client search facilities, it's faster, cheaper, and works offline.uMail's email search is full text, not just header search like in iPhone Mail. Search with confidence. uMail autocompletes names of your contacts for faster search, remembers past searches, and marks up text matches.BenefitsSaves Money----------If you travel internationally, having all your email on your phone will save you substantial money in data roaming fees. AT&T charges nearly $20 per megabyte - equivalent to 10 email searches. Saves Time--------uMail is much faster than iPhone Mail's server search. A headers-only search in iPhone Mail can easily take 10 seconds, a full-text search in uMail takes only 2. uMail's search is 5x faster (measured with iPhone Mail connected to a Gmail account).Works Offline----------Since uMail stores all your email on the phone, it will work even when you have no wifi or cellular reception.uMail is based on the reMail Google open source project, so if you're a former reMail user you can contact the uMail team at iApps if you have questions.We're offering this initial version of uMail free of charge. Our plan is to improve uMail to a first class e-mail client that no iPhone user can live without. We have some exciting features on deck, so install uMail today and await these hot new features!
File Size2.57 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later., iTunes account required