Address Book Scrubber does three things: It formats 10-digit phone numbers as (999) 555-1212 or 999-555-1212 (with some variants). It corrects common label errors such as "hOme" vs "home" and more subtle errors that can cause data to disappear on iPods and Palms. Fixes some simple zip code errors like 48390.000 which I seem to get a lot in my Address Book. My deepest apologies to non-US users who don't care a lick for 10-digit phone numbers or ZIP+4. It's Public Domain, so feel free to add to the functionality or write me with suggestions if there are other kinds of problems you often see. I'm trying to add ZIP+4 lookup on the internet, but you wouldn't believe the state of the USPS web services, and I can't find anyone else with a ZIP+4 lookup web service.
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