As a computer is supposed to be a helpful tool I always wanted to organize some of my mess on the computer. I couldn't really find an organizer that I liked, the ones I tried was either too confusing with too many buttons/options or had an annoying layout etc. So I decided to make my own little simple and compact organizer which features an appointment/to-do manager (appointments will pop-up), a calendar, a phone/address-book (contacts), a notebook which supports multiple topics, sync via internet, email forwarding of appointments, print/import/export and much more. All is password protected and encrypted (optional). You can also customize your own skin and background for the application so it won't be too dull to look at (ships with a number of skins). Features include: Appointment manager, pops-up and plays a random wav-file when an appointment has reached it's deadline (optional). Contacts (address book/phone book and more). Notebook that supports multiple topics. Calendar (for appointments & birthdays etc). Optional password protection. Data encryption so no one can peak into the data files. Simple look and feel and easy to use. Optional reoccuring appointments.
File Size1.14 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows NT Windows 98
System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP