The Orange FX Software is full of functionality yet easy to use. Below are detailed descriptions of each of the three main sections of the software: News, Calendars and Quotes. The news panel displays articles from RSS feeds. You can add as many RSS feeds as you like by clicking the RSS icon in the upper left corner of the news panel. The News Feed Manager window will appear and you can add, delete or edit news feeds through that window. The calendars panel displays economic events from the 8 major economies: US, UK, European Council, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. The calendar displays the event times (in GMT), description, expected (survey) result and the previous figure. The quotes panel show flashing bid prices for 20 currency pairs, 3 stock market indexes (DJ, S&P and Nasdaq) and 4 commodities (Oil, Natural Gas, Gold and Silver). Each row also shows the daily high, low, pivot and change (in points). The colors of each number provide an indication on price movement. If the daily high is green, it means that today's high is higher than yesterday's high. The inverse applies to declines.
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