The Letter Manager is powerful and friendly software which provides an elegant solution to writing letters and mail shots, virtually no word processing skills are required to produce professional quality letters every time. Just type what you want to say and all formatting and layout is done for you, automatically. Contacts, mailing lists, letters and mail shots are all managed for you by TLM. Create, edit and save multiple mailing lists within The Letter Manager, no other program or application is needed, so you can produce that monthly newsletter or product promotion with a couple of clicks of the mouse! A mail shot can be produced in little more time than it takes to type the message in the letter, it is saved for you so you can print all of it or just a selection whenever you are ready, you control when and who to send letters to, no need to keep re-running mail shots. Whether a novice or expert, whether you write the occasional letter or regular mail shots, The Letter Manager will save time and frustration and its simplicity and power will appeal to individuals, families, clubs, businesses and any organisation.
File Size4.2 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows XP Windows 98 Windows
System Requirements
  • Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP