OfficeMetrics monitors all users computer activities - the amount of time spent browsing the Internet and what pages were viewed, who e-mails were exchanged with and the amount of time spent reading and writing e-mails, the amount of time spent chatting on IM and with whom. OfficeMetrics records when a user logs on and logs off their computer. It also records when, and for how long a users computer is idle, locked or switched off. Using this information users can easily identify how their time is being used. The first step to better managing your time is to find out how you're currently spending it. OfficeMetrics automatically does this for you. After trying it for just one day, you'll immediately gain tremendous insight into where your time is actually going. The very act of measuring is often enough to raise your unconscious habits into your consciousness, where you then have a chance to scrutinize and change them.
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