Download Wonder, from the inventors of pcANYWHERE, is your "cure for download amnesia". With Download Wonder at your side... You won't need to pull your hair out searching your hard drive for the 100Mb file you downloaded just three days ago. Download Wonder automatically logs the date and time you downloaded a file, and its easy-to-use database organizes and categorizes all your downloaded files making it a snap to find them. Strange and mysterious file names like WRTZ341.exe become a thing of the past. Download Wonder allows you to label all your downloaded files with descriptions, notes, keywords and categories, solving the mystery once and for all. Your ISP (NetZero, AOL, etc.) will no longer knock you off the Internet when leave your computer to grab a quick bite, take a phone call, go to the bathroom, etc. Download Wonder's unique keep-alive functionality will keep you connected all the time. And if you are disconnected in the middle of a download, Download Wonder will resume the interrupted partial download with ease.
File Size976.56 kB
Operating System Windows NT 4 Windows Windows 98 Windows 95
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/NT4