Seagate Conner Device Driver

Conner has merged with Seagate and will continue to use the Conner name when referring to CNR117.SYS device driver. Note that the CNR117.SYS device driver does not support Conner's 2 Mbps tape controller. This device driver can be used with Conner's floppy interface tape drives that support the QIC-117 protocol. This includes the following Conner tape drives and (tapes): CTT-3200 (TR3, TR2, QW3020, QW3010, MC3000XL PIMAT, MC3000XL TAUMAT), CTT-800 (TR1, QW5122F, DC2120XL, DC2120, DC2080), TSM-420 (QW5122F, DC2120XL, DC2120, DC2080), and 11250N (DC2120, DC2080).
File Size128.39 kB
Version1.17 (4/04/96)
Operating System Windows NT Windows
System RequirementsWindows NT 3.5 or 3.51