World of Joysticks XInput Emulator

World of Joysticks XInput Emulator allows to play games which support only Xbox controller with any other Directinput devices. Emulates XInput gamepad from any DirectInput controller. Mapping by smart Wizard, supports vibrations. Features: 1. Supports any Gamepads, Flight-Sticks, Wheels. 2. Wizard for Gamers. 3. Video-Tutorial. 4. Supports up to 4 emulated controllers. 5. Supports Mixed playing mode with 1 emulated and 1 physical Xbox controllers. 6. Autoconnect. 7. Autostart. 8. Delayed Reconnect. 9. Vibration Converter. 10. Axes Deadzone. 11. Polling rate. 12. XML Configurations. 13. English, Russian, German and Spanish UI and User Manuals.
File Size15.22 MB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Windows 10 Windows 7
System Requirements.Net Framework 4.6.1