Disk Space Explorer for Windows 10

Run out of disk space? Wondering what you can delete to free things up but don't know where it all went? You need Disk Space Explorer. Disk Space Explorer implements a high speed, multi-threaded disk scanning algorithm that can scan an entire Terabyte disk in just over a minute (YMMV). Once the disk has been scanned (or even before it has finished) you can drill into large folders and find out what is using up all your space. The entire disk structure is held in memory to allow instant drill down and navigation. If you see a document that you don't recognise, you can double-click to launch it directly from the interface, or permanently delete it. For more detailed examination you can open Windows Explorer at that location to facilitate other operations such as rename or move. And that's not all. Looking for a file but don't remember where you put it? Disk Space Explorer can quickly search the disk structure in memory for a specific wildcard filename or you can search for files over a certain size. No information, personal or otherwise, is collected by the app, so you can feel safe that your files are secure.
Operating System Mobile Windows Mobile Windows 10 Windows
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10 (x64)