Mini Notepad for Windows 10

A new kind of universal text editor on Windows 10. Mini Notepad is a text file editor comparable to the classic Notepad app. (It is also a "sticky notes" app.) Mini Notepad lets you view or edit text files on your device (PCs, tablets, phones) as well as those from media drives (SD cards, USB flash drives, etc), or any text files on OneDrive. It includes a special text editor with undo/redo support, etc.Mini Notepad keeps track of currently open and recently viewed files and memos, which are organized in the listing panes. It provides quick and easy access to frequently viewed/edited files/memos. You can share the file/memo content with other users or apps which accept the text format (e.g. messaging app, email, etc). The app includes a special clipboard for storing multiple text clips. Text files and memos can be pinned to the Start Screen, and recently viewed scratch memos can be quickly accessed from the Action Center. Current Limitations: (1) Mini Notepad only opens text files with the ". txt" extension. (2) Drag-and-drop does not directly open the dropped file. It creates a copy of the dropped file (as a scratch memo). (3) Only Unicode encoded content is supported. Note that the app includes in-app advertisements, including overlay banner ads, which requires Internet access. All ads can be dismissed using the Close button.
Operating System Windows Mobile Mobile Windows 10 Windows
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)