Samsung Flow for Windows 10

Welcome to Samsung Flow Samsung Flow is a neat trick to unlock your PC by tapping your unlocked Galaxy smartphone and scanning your fingerprint. You can easily enable your mobile hotspot to keep your PC connected, and check and reply directly to your phone's notifications. Using Samsung Flow, furthermore, you can transfer content and activity between different devices. For some of apps, this feature may not be supported.) Before using this service, you should have at least one fingerprint registered on your Galaxy phone, and pair the two devices via Bluetooth if you have not done so. Please make sure you unlock your phone before tapping the phone on your PC. You need devices that meet the Samsung Flow system requirements: PC: Windows 10, Bluetooth 4.1 enabled PCs Smartphone: Android OS Marshmallow (6.0) or newer, touch type fingerprint sensor enabled Bluetooth pairing between devices, NFC function should be turned on, a fingerprint should be registered. Supported Devices: Windows PC: Galaxy Tab Pro S Galaxy Smartphone: S7 / S7 edge S6 / S6 edge / S6 edge+ Note 5 A7 2016 / A5 2016 Before using Samsung Flow, please check below: 1) Samsung Flow app/driver must be installed on both your Samsung Flow supported Windows PC and Galaxy smartphone. ( 2) There should be at least one fingerprint registered on your phone, and your phone should be unlocked at the time of using the service. 3) We recommend you to turn on the bluetooth on both devices to pair them up before using the service for smoother service setup. 4) If screen saver is running on your Windows PC screen, you need to exit it first to unlock your PC with Samsung Flow.
Operating System Mobile Windows Mobile Windows Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10 (x64)