encryptWin Universal for Windows 10

encryptWin let you encrypt text and files in a simple, fast and powerful way using AES algorithm. You can encrypt in simple way (just using a password with 128 bit key) or in advanced way (combine to password a salt, PBKDF2 iterations with no limits, up to 256-bit key and other advanced settings). All encrypted/decrypted text and files can be saved for later use, sent or be used for other useful functions for your privacy. Thanks to encryptWorld (an instant messaging service enclosed in encryptWin), is possible to chat in totally anonymous and safe way with all your friend who use encryptWorld. Some details of encryptWorld: For any friendship you will use a password. That is your key to encrypt and decrypt (AES power will be proportional of safety of your password). We suggest you to create password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Every message or file of your chat is automatically encrypted everytime you log into conversation (after entering password at the opening of conversation). Chat message and files can be instantly encrypted and decrypted. Friendship password will never be sent in clear text over the internet. Decryption of messages is always carried out locally. Password comparison (with salt and PBKDF2) is based on SHA 256. Notification service for all requests and messages; AES algorithm is really safe, used by government of many countries.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows 10 Windows Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x64, ARM, x86)