MB Prashnavali

MB Prashnavali is a Vedic Oracle based on the ancient text of Ramcharitramanas written by Saint Tulsidas. This Oracle gives you divinely inspired answers to your day-to-day problems. MB Prashnavali offers you the scope to do prashnavali divination and find answers to your problems in life. This is a free divination tool that you can use to find appropriate advice from Ramcharitmanas. In addition, MB Prashnavali Software increases the concentration level that you have. If you make it a habit to use this prashnavali divination software and if you start living according to the quotes from Ramcharit Manas, which are presented before you by the MB Prashnavali Software, you are sure to lead a happy and peaceful life. Prashnavali divination has long been used for the purpose of finding answers to the questions in life and also for finding solutions for your problems in life. Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas harbors philosophies that, if you live up to them, can change the entire course of your life. Regular prashnavali divination will not only make your life happy and peaceful, but it will also help you be and live as a good human being with wide, flexible and practical views on life.
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Version 1.0
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