MegaZeux, or in short MZX, is a game creation system (GCS) based on Tim Sweeney/Epic Megagames classic shareware game ZZT. MegaZeux was created in late 1994 by Gregory Janson and (with Greg's permission) is currently being updated by Exophase. MegaZeux is a 2D tile based, 16 colored game creator, however the 16 colors and text characters are both easily editable. MegaZeux also comes with an extremely easy to use language called Robotic, possibly a great language for total programming-newbies to start out with. While MegaZeux isn't exactly all that powerful, it's very flexible for what it is.
License Free
File Size 611.71 kB
Version 2.81b
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows NT Windows 3.x Windows Windows 98 Windows Me
System Requirements Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server