Battlefield 1942 Home Front v.11 Mod Patch

This patch for the Home Front Mod eliminates lag, revamps controls, optimizes some sounds and weapons, and more. Home Front is exciting mod for BF1942. It takes Some Scifi based works to enhance the multiplayer 64 person environment of bf42, and throws them into a battlefield in the Sol System (our own) most of which are on the planet Earth, but also includes several interstellar colonies such as Reach and Sigma Octinus 4. Players will choose to play as the humans or as the Covenant, and decide humanity's fate. It will include over 30 vehicles, new weapons, and tons of new maps.
File Size11.34 MB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Me Windows
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/2000/XP, 128MB RAM