Clash of Beasts (Early Access)

Tame gigantic mythical beasts and master their abilities to face unlimited defense combinations in breathtaking 3D battlegrounds!Create an alliance, participate in numerous events and fight enemies in exciting real-time PVP together!LEAD MIGHTY BEASTS TO BATTLETake control of giant mythic beasts of land and air and destroy your enemies! Each beast belongs to one of 4 different classes with unique skills and abilities!COLLECT HUNDREDS OF MYTHICAL CREATURES!Collect more than 100 unique beasts! Discover new species by splicing the beasts that you already have!ATTACK WITH FRIENDSJoin your friends in battle and combine your skills to unleash even more power on your enemies!STRATEGIC TOWER COMBINATIONS FEATUREBuild and Arrange your defensive towers in various ways to unlock powerful combo buffs!NEXT LEVEL VISUALS:Feel the power at your fingertips as Clash of Beasts takes the battleground to a whole new visual level!3V3 PVP BATTLESEnjoy intense co-op pvp battles and tournaments! Can you become the ultimate beastmaster?JOIN THE GUILD WARSCreate a guild or join your friends to dominate the leaderboards and capture more territories!
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android