Reaper High: A Reaper's Tale

Grow your own reaper!You become a reaper when you graduate from Reaper High?Enroll now!!!!!!!!!We recommend this game to those who are sick and tired of mass produced games.Known as the 'God Game' among users!The afterlife detective class? The devil class? The manager class? Where will you be placed?Let's join the welcoming of new students first!!!Not more than 10 minutes needed!The admin will be rewarding you heavily!! Trust them!Game IntroductionYou died and woke up in Reaper High...?Graduating from Reaper High makes you a reaper?Once you enroll, it's all fighting from there!!Reapers are not to be feared. The role of the reaper is to safely bring the soul of the dead to the heavens. Destroying the temple of reapers will result to all the souls being trapped in agony.The evil lord started attacking Reaper High together with his hordes of monsters. The only thing the evil lord wants is for chaos to swallow the human world. Defeat the evil lord while defending Reaper High.How to PlayDefensive BattleDefeat the monsters that are attacking the castle.Receive supplies after successfully defending the castle for a day.Make your defending team more powerful through supplies.Expanding BattleSwitch roles and attack the base of the invading monsters.Create the most powerful team to expand the territory of the gods.League BattleCompete with other teams (other users) from Reaper High.Attempt to get an A+ to become a great Reaper!!Your precious reviews give developers strength. ^^Reaper High, a game created together with the users!Enroll now at Reaper High!
License Free
Version 2.1.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.