Fight global warming

The target for this small game is to reach net-zero carbon emissions in the shortest period to prevent climate change, global warming. Top 5 list will show your best 5 achievements.1). You will need to do the following things to reach the target:a) Build railway, solar power plant and wind farm, plant trees. They all may cut the carbon emission and create the income but will need money. This kind of rate will change from year to year.b) You may give a lecture in the UN, this will raise your reputation in working for net-zero emission and cut the carbon emission.c) Invest in new energy research, if that succeeds, will provide human clean energy forever and you win the game.2). You will get some amount of budget every month, but that's not enough. For collecting money, besides income from the railway, solar power plant, wind farm, and trees, you may build petroleum refinery to make money, but this will add more carbon to the air and will decrease your reputation. You may impose the carbon tax, this may or may not be approved. You will need to consider carefully the cost, income, and carbon effect when building.3). How will your reputation affect your target?a) The good reputation will attract top scientist to immigrate, that is quite helpful for new energy research.b) With a good reputation, the building cost of the railway, solar power plant, and wind farm may be decreased with the help of the UN, or even free from the help of other countries, people will prefer taking the railway to drive, increase the income of railway, etc.c) Giving lectures in the UN will increase your reputation and building petroleum refinery will decrease your reputation.d) Sometimes the United Nations earth's climate department.officer will ask to donate for preventing global warming, if you agree to donate, that will increase your reputation or will decrease your reputation.Do your best and have fun!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up