Res Militaria Rome

Res Militaria is a cross-platform turn-based strategy game.Inspired by classic chess game and traditional war board game, the main game philosophy is player involvement in real historical context, fun and challenge, keeping low game complexity and time to learn.It is based on Historia Battles series, has the same turn based mechanic and has been improved with most user requested features, having a more charming and modern user interface. Historia Battles wargame has been fully rewritten using Godot and blender for unit graphic and animations.The app uses Admob banners and ad video during the game, to reduce user experience impact watch the reward video up to the end.The app collects some usage statistics, the user can disable this behaviour in the settings screen.The reproduced battles are:- 508 B.C. Porsenna siege of Rome (Romans VS Etruscans)- 390 B.C. Allia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)- 218 B.C. Hannibal Ticinus Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)- 218 B.C. Hannibal Trebia Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)- 217 B.C. Hannibal Trasimene Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)- 216 B.C. Hannibal Cannae Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)- 202 B.C. Hannibal Zama Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)- 58 B.C. Caesar Bibracte Battle (Romans VS Celtics)- 57 B.C. Caesar Sabis Battle (Romans VS Celtics)- 52 B.C. Caesar Gergovia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)- 52 B.C. Caesar Alesia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)- 9 A.D. Arminius Teutoburg Forest (Romans VS Germans)- 16 A.D. Arminius Idistavisus Battle (Romans VS Germans)Desktop version of the game is available on: of the game:If all units are killed or home location conquered the player loses the game.The unit attacked from side or back is damaged considering zero defend points.The unit attacked can not move (it has no move points).Unit severely wounded causes panic damage to near ones.Unit located near home location gets +1 healing point for each turn.Unit that kill other unit increases experience,attack and defend points, all life points are recovered.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.3 and up